Modest growth predicted for German biomethane sector


The amount of biogas fed into the German natural gas grid is expected to grow modestly over the next few years. At the end of November 2012, 107 biogas plants with a combined capacity of 67,000 normal cubic metres per hour (Nm³/h) were feeding-in to the German grid, according to dena, the German Energy Agency.

In addition, there were 36 further biomethane plants under construction and 26 more in the planning pipeline. When all of these plants were operational, the installed capacity would reach 104,000 (Nm³/h), said dena official Sandra Rostek, speaking at a conference in Leipzig. With a resulting total capacity of just over 900 million Nm³ per year, the industry would still be far from achieving the goal set out by the German government of 6 billion Nm³ per year.

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