Danone aims for 100 per cent rPET
in European water bottles

"Danone is now committed to reaching 100 per cent
rPET in Europe in 2025", the company said on Wednesday.
27.02.2020 − 

French group Danone wants to expand the use of recycled PET and reduce single-use plastics. In Europe, all PET water bottles are to be made of 100 percent recyclate by 2025, the company announced at the release of its annual results. In addition, Danone intends to explore alternatives, such as glass, cans, and paper-based packaging, as well as new business models for the provision of water.

The new initiatives complement the group's existing 2025 commitment to achieve 50 percent recycled PET (rPET) content in water bottles worldwide. Last year, the average recycled content stood at 16 percent. About half of the water was marketed in reusable containers, in particular jugs in Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey, the company said.

Danone also wants to improve the recyclability of packaging for its dairy and plant-based products. The company said the goal was "zero polystyrene" in Europe by 2024 at the latest and worldwide by 2025.

The French group has earmarked a total of €2bn for investments related to climate protection and sustainability initiatives between 2020 and 22. In addition to packaging for the group's products, these investments will also be directed at areas such as agriculture and digitization.

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