EBRA members recycled 35,000 tonnes of waste batteries in 2011

07.01.2013 − 

Member companies of the European Battery Recycling Association (EBRA) recycled a total of 35,000 tonnes of waste batteries in 2011, 2,000 tonnes short of the previous year’s figure. EBRA’s statistics cover all types of primary and secondary batteries from the consumer, industrial and automotive sectors with the exception of lead-acid batteries. EBRA could not take into account waste batteries which were collected and treated as part of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), the association said at the time of presenting the figures shortly before Christmas.

According to EBRA general secretary Alain Vassart, the volume of primary and secondary batteries recycled at present does not exhaust available plant capacity because growth in the collection market for the consumer segment was lower than expected. Higher health and safety risks linked to the increased recycling of different types of lithium batteries posed another challenge, he added.

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