Lower steel scrap prices in Germany

20.04.2017 − 

German ferrous scrap prices have softened in April following a strong increase in March. Even though demand on the domestic market was good, prices ultimately bowed to weak business for deep-sea exports. Nevertheless, scrap merchants remained satisfied: business had slowed from very good to good, a respondent told EUWID.

Merchants had anticipated dwindling scrap prices in the second half of March, but had since forecast unchanged prices due to good business within Germany. They still consider the somewhat lower prices which were agreed for April as acceptable for both scrap merchants and their main customers, electric arc furnace (EAF) steel plants.

After a lengthy dry spell, these mills are now back in the black, even though they remained under pressure amid surplus global capacity for construction steel. On the other hand, shortages are apparent in cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel production, leading these mills to raise their prices considerably.

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