Remondis and Neste to cooperate on chemical plastics recycling

24.10.2019 − 

The German waste management company Remondis and the chemicals concern Neste want to jointly develop and accelerate chemical recycling of waste plastics. Their objective is reaching a capacity of over 200,000 tonnes of waste plastic a year, Neste and Remondis announced on Wednesday.

Chemical recycling processes break down plastic waste into molecules which can be used as feedstock in the production of new high-quality plastics, chemicals and fuels. Remondis, as one of the major players in the European waste management market and the German market leader, is to bring its waste collecting and sorting capabilities to the partnership. Neste is to contribute its experience and know-how in oil refining and processing of low-quality waste and residue materials, the two companies reported.

The new project is not to be seen as an alternative to mechanical recycling. Mechanical recycling of plastics had been making a positive contribution to circular economy, raw material security, and climate protection for decades, said Neste. The joint project focuses first and foremost on plastic waste that is difficult or impossible to recycle. The companies said that they wished to build an "ecosystem around chemical recycling to enable other companies in the value chain to join the initiative and complement mechanical recycling". "The partnership between Remondis and Neste will focus on creating an optimal recycling process to make even more plastics circular,” emphasized Jürgen Ephan, managing director at Remondis Recycling.

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