Renault to transform Flins auto plant into recycling hub

The Flins plant is to be rebuilt into a recycling facility.
30.11.2020 − 

French automaker Renault aims to build a recycling plant that will be a "European reference in the circular economy". Director general Luca de Meo presented plans last week for the "Re-Factory" which is to be located at the site of Renault's Flins auto plant, some 45 km outside of Paris. Renault plans to end the production of news cars at the Flins facility in 2024. 

Renault has organised all of the operations it in-tends to base at the site around four "poles of activity". The facility's "Re-Energy" division will focus on battery and energy technology. Renault aims to optimise the first life of lithium-ion vehicle batteries, to develop secondary uses for these units, for example as stationary energy storage, to recycle end-of-life batteries and to develop technical solutions for new energies.

According to the automobile manufacturer, the "Re-Cycle" division will focus on efficient resource management. It is to include the recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), the dismantling and refurbishing of used parts and the recycling of materials, as well as activities to increase the uptake of recycled materials and parts.


You can read the full article in EUWID Recycling and Waste Management 25/2020.

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