Higher export demands buoys some recovered paper grades in Germany


Market observers had initially expected no changes on the German recovered paper market in November, However, after the conclusion of numerous contracts for supermarket paper and board and corrugated board II waste, prices of these grades turned out to be higher than in the month before.

EUWID sources reported that in the case of supermarket paper and board, this is mainly due to higher demand from the Far East, which has not been "just a flash in the pan” after all. According to market respondents, large volumes can continue to be sold to China at higher prices than in October. Prices are said to have even exceeded the €130/t FAS mark at times. As a consequence, less supermarket paper and board was available for the domestic German market.
The material remaining within the country could be sold easily at prices which were around €10/t and sometimes even up to €15/t higher than in the month before. Even the contracts that had already been fixed at unchanged prices are said to have been revised, market sources reported.

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