Asian demand for British recovered paper slows down in June


The downward price trend already evident on the British recovered paper market has held and, in some instances, even intensified in June. This downturn came against a backdrop of ailing demand from Asia and persistently sluggish demand within the UK and mainland Europe. High volatility in prices for packaging recovery notes (PRNs) and packaging export recovery notes (PERNs) was another factor, which affected old corrugated containers (OCC) and to a lesser extent mixed paper and board, as well.

Prices for lower recovered fibre grades were under pressure. The slump in prices for graphic recovered paper grades has also accelerated in the UK. This was attributed to a lack of export opportunities and extensive downtime taken by European mills. The weak spell for woodfree recovered paper grades also persisted in June, making it the longest since the mid-1990s, according to one market expert.

Read the full monthly report on the recovered paper market in the UK and access price tables and graphing tools here:

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