Polish paper mills expect recovered paper prices to rise in second quarter


After two stable and quiet months on the Polish recovered paper market, where prices edged only slightly higher or lower, there was a moderate upward slope in the price curve for supermarket paper and board (1.04) in March. The increases were implemented both on the domestic market as well as for sales to mills in Western Europe.

Market players said the upward adjustments had occurred because the available volumes of recovered paper declined considerably – starting in February and especially during March – in Poland as well as in the border regions of neighbouring countries. Waste management companies and merchants estimate the drop to be around 30 per cent. With less production and consumption, less packaging waste is being generated by industry as well as private households. There has been a marked slowdown in, for example, the construction sector and automotive, textiles and furniture industries in Poland.

Read the full quarterly report on the recovered paper market in Poland and access price tables and graphing tools here:

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