Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades still stable in France


Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades in France moved sideways once again in February. Exporting to the Far East has become more difficult but is still doable. All things considered, supply and demand were balanced. The same could be said of prices for the deinking grades, which were likewise unaltered this month. High grades alone encountered price changes in February.

As so often is the case, pricing for ordinary recovered paper grades hinged on the situation for exports to the Far East in February. The crisis in the Red Sea is continuing; shippers are rerouting their vessels around the Cape of Good Hope. Accordingly, lead times are becoming longer, with market players in France reporting some delays and problems with shipping container availability in February. All in all, though, the difficulties had been manageable. Exporting was more complicated but still possible, merchants told EUWID.

On the domestic market, the market climate hardly altered at all. On the whole, the market for ordinary recovered paper grades was quite balanced in February. The same applied to recovered paper for deinking.

Read the full market report on recovered paper in France and access the current prices and graphing tools here:

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