Prices for waste wood yield slightly in Germany


The "anti-cyclical price cuts" witnessed in the autumn 2015 market report for waste wood continued into the new year in large parts of Germany, prompting industry players to speak of "abnormal price development" in the market. In volume terms, the winter of 2015/16 "feels like summer" in the assessment of market players. Rather than to the balmy temperatures, however, this assessment refers particularly to the barely perceptible drop in waste wood inflow to processing centres and power plants. "It is currently easier to buy 1,000 tonnes of waste wood than to get rid of 100 tonnes", as a major processor described the situation, a view more or less shared by much of the market.

In spite of the time of year, material inflow has usually been enough to cover demand, many waste wood processors reported. This meant that efforts to deplete stocks have not made any significant headway. On top of this, skip hire companies still hold large volumes. On the whole, market players thus expect that the industry will emerge from winter with significant inventories for the third year in succession and carry the stock backlog forward throughout the current year.

The full report on the waste wood market in Germany including the price table appears in issue 3/2016 of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management on 03 February 2016. Online subscribers can access it here:

Waste wood Germany

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