Recovered paper prices decline in France and the UK, remain stable in Italy


Developments varied on the European recovered paper markets in December. While prices for some grades fell in France and the UK - similar to price movements observed in Germany – largely stable prices were reported from Italy.

In Italy, market participants have observed hardly any changes in prices or demand in December. A few prices for ordinary grades decreased by a couple of euros. Often, though, prices were the same as in the previous month. Insiders painted a similar picture of the situation for deinking grades. High grades of recovered paper were reported to be difficult to sell, but prices stayed the same as in November.

French recovered paper merchants' hopes that prices for ordinary recovered paper grades would be stable in this month have gone unfulfilled. After hikes in October and stable prices in November, prices weakened again in December. In contrast, Far East export prices have remained stable or eased only slightly with the result that the gap to domestic prices widened again. Prices for sorted graphic paper for deinking remained mostly unchanged in December, while those of some higher grades were cut. 

On the British market, prices for mixed paper and board and for old corrugated containers (OCC) slipped slightly in December. However, the export business to Asia saw stable prices or even slight increases compared with November.

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