German recovered paper prices head lower in June

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20.07.2020 − 

As expected, there was a sharp drop in the prices for the ordinary grades on the German recovered paper market in June. Just as arisings were increasing again, demand from the paper industry weakened considerably. At the same time large volumes of recovered paper were flowing into the German market from neighbouring European countries due to the limited export opportunities to the Far East.

In June, recovered paper arisings in the German market generally continued to rebound. Al-though volumes from commercial and event businesses remained somewhat lower, house-hold volumes were higher in some cases. There are also reports of increased imports, especially from the Benelux region, France and the UK. Merchants based in those countries are suffering particularly due to the lack of export opportunities to the Far East and are therefore stepping up their efforts to sell material in Germany, according to EUWID respondents. There were also growing volumes of recovered paper from Poland and Czech Republic said to be making their way into the German market.

The full report on the recovered paper market in Germany will appear in the next print and e-paper issue of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management (15/2020) out on 22 July. Online subscribers can access the report immediately here:

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