Prices for ordinary recovered paper grades continue to ease in Germany

Continued brisk demand has prevented prices
from heading still lower on the German market.
16.11.2021 − 

German recovered paper prices are heading lower again in November. Together with October's markdown, this latest development has likely erased September's steep rise in prices for the ordinary grades. EUWID sources attributed the most recent slide to more abundant arisings in Germany and strong imports. Demand from paper mills remains lively at the same time, sources said, adding that the paper industry had sought, but been unable to implement, even more dramatic price cuts.

Although the supply situation has improved on the whole, most waste management firms and merchants have no problems with moving material thanks to continued strong demand from paper mills, virtually all sources agreed. One source remarked that bigger price cuts were not warranted in the face of such brisk demand.

Even though many merchants' yards are almost empty, paper mills currently have good stock levels of recovered paper thanks to rising imports, another market participant pointed out. With packaging paper production capacity in Germany rising, the amount of recovered paper collected within the country was no longer enough to fully supply domestic paper mills. Indeed, recovered paper imports into Germany are headed for new record highs this year.

The full report on the recovered paper market in Germany appears in the print and e-paper issues of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management (23/2021) published on 17 November. Online subscribers can access the report immediately here:

Recovered paper in Germany

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