German PET recyclers slightly more upbeat as year ends

The market saw an end to the long downward
price trend in December
09.12.2020 − 

The beginnings of a trend reversal emerged on the PET bottle recycling market in Germany in November. Prices for post-consumer bottles from deposit systems did not fall any further. In a few cases, recyclers even paid their suppliers slightly more for bottle bales.

Sales of flakes and recycled PET still have not really taken off because prices for primary PET are stalled at a low level, but most recyclers were at least satisfied with the volumes sold in November. And for December, which has fewer working days, there are some reports of decent orders, including from the films sector.

The overall mood among recyclers is improving somewhat, mainly because the topic of recycled PET (rPET) use has become more prominent for customers in recent weeks. This had not yet had any positive effect on earnings, since it has been impossible to implement price hikes for sales of flakes and regranulate, according to market insiders. The news that the approval and distribution of coronavirus vaccines are on the horizon is also putting the industry in a hopeful mood. Nevertheless, some recyclers believe that 2021 will be another difficult year.

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Post-consumer PET bottles in Germany

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