EU Commission opens consultation on sustainable phosphorus use


The European Commission has launched a public consultation on phosphorus use and ways to make it more resource-efficient. The aspects to be discussed include the recycling of phosphorus from manure, waste water and compost, the EU body reported on Monday.

Consultation participants are also invited to comment on potential ways to encourage the recycling of phosphorus from further sources such as food waste and other biodegradable wastes. A further topic put up for discussion is what the EU should promote in terms of further research and innovation with regard to the sustainable use of phosphorus.
Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik said: "We are currently wasting this precious resource and creating a pollutant. Using phosphorus more efficiently will reduce its impact on the environment and improve security of supply. We can also create new business opportunities in the recycling sector."
The consultation, which is open to the European Parliament, the Council and other European institutions, citizens, public authorities, non-governmental organisations and businesses, runs until 1 December 2013. The Commission said it would "analyse the contributions in the course of 2014" and "integrate the results of this work into pertinent policy areas, from agricultural policy through water and waste to work on raw materials".

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