EP Committee votes to add products to single-use plastic bans

EPS take-out food packaging is one of
the products targeted by the Committee
10.10.2018 − 

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament has voted to strengthen certain provisions of the proposed EU Directive on single-use plastics. The amendments adopted by the Committee would add food and drinks packaging made of EPS, plastic bags with a wall thickness of less than 15 microns as well as oxo-degradable plastic packaging and mulch films to the list of products to be banned beginning in 2021. The Commission proposed banning plastic cotton buds, cutlery, plates, drink stirrers and balloon sticks.

The members of the Committee also voted to require a 35 per cent share of recycled material in plastic beverage containers from 2025. Furthermore, the Committee introduced a target for reducing the consumption of plastic cigarette filters in the proposed Directive. This amendment would require member states to cut the use of these filters to half of 2014 levels by 2025 and to only 20 per cent of 2014 consumption by 2030. The objective is to replace plastic filters with biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternatives. The Commission's original proposal already includes provisions that would involve the tobacco industry in the cost of cigarette butt removal and disposal.

The European Parliament will vote on the amended proposal at its next plenary session on 23 October. Negotiations with the Council would then begin on 6 November. Parliament and Council aim to hammer out a text which they can both adopt before the end of the Parliament's legislative session in May 2019.

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