Turkey wants to limit recycled raw material imports

Newly announced regulations may squeeze
recovered paper flows to Turkey.
08.09.2020 − 

Turkey’s recycling industry will need to source at least half of the raw materials it requires from the Turkish domestic market. The country’s environment minister Murat Kurum announced new rules mandating the use of Turkish recyclate in early September. The Ministry hopes that the new requirement will reduce environmental pollution and promote the separate collection of waste and its use as a resource in Turkey. 

The announcement did not come as a complete surprise to the recycling industry, Ercan Yürekli, the vice-president of the recycling industry federation Tüdam, told EUWID. Government representatives had spoken of a 20 per cent domestic material requirement at a workshop last year. Mr Yürekli stated that so far the government’s plans only related to plastic waste and recovered paper.

Mr Yürekli pointed out that Turkey was a net importer of recovered paper and waste plastics. He noted that the country is expected to import 1.5 million t of recovered paper and 1 million tonnes of plastic waste this year. These figures would almost double by 2024.

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