Vella calls on retailers to participate in plastics campaign

Karmenu Vella (Source: EU Kommission)
27.06.2018 − 

In a Tuesday speech, EU Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella revealed that there were as yet no European retail chains that had entered voluntary commitments on the use of recycled plastics. In his remarks at the Retail Forum for Sustainability in Brussels, Mr Vella called on retailers to participate in the EU Commission's pledging campaign and described such a voluntary commitment as a "golden opportunity" for them to distinguish themselves from their competitors. He also noted that retailers, with their ability to influence both production patterns and customer behaviour were a "crucial point in the value chain".

Voluntary commitments by industry players are an important component of the EU Commission's Plastics Strategy, which was introduced in January. With these voluntary commitments, the EU Commission hopes to see 10 million tonnes of recycled plastic used in the manufacture of new products in the EU by 2025. In 2015, the amount of recycled plastic used by European manufacturers was only 3.5 million tonnes.

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