Slight increase in Germany’s household waste generation in 2011


After having declined in the year 2010, household waste arisings increased again slightly in Germany in 2011. Overall, 37.196 million tonnes of waste were collected by public waste management bodies from households, 0.41 million tonnes more than in 2010. The average amount per inhabitant increased by 4 kg to 454 kg and has thus more or less returned to the 2009 level, according to preliminary data published by the German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis).

The average per capita amount of 454 kg consisted of 166 kg of mixed household waste and 29 kg of bulky waste. Recyclable waste, in particular paper and board, mixed packaging waste and glass accounted for 146 kg. The balance was composed of 111 kg of bio-waste and 2 kg of other waste.

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