Sims Lifecycle Services partners with circular manufacturing startup


Sims Ltd has announced that its "cloud recycling" business Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS) has formed a strategic relationship with start-up MOLG focused on automating the repurposing of OCP (open compute project) data centre equipment. OCP-compliant data centres have been built using shared best practice to be more modular and scalable. Among other advantages, the use of an open standard including a stripped-down design makes for faster equipment installation, repair and disassembly.

MOLG describes itself as a "circular manufacturing" company and reports that its robotic "micro factory" can autonomously assemble and disassemble complex electronic products like laptop PCs, servers, and battery packs.

Through the cooperation, both SLS and MOLG expect to expand their market presence and enhance opportunities for automation in the data centre reverse supply chain. "As our data centre clients continue to expand, SLS recognizes the vital role automation will play in keeping pace with our shared growth and our collaboration with MOLG establishes industry leading processing efficiency," says Chris Fox, COO of Sims Lifecycle Services.

In addition to its circular manufacturing platform with its focus on "robot first" assembly and disassembly, MOLG has developed its own open standard for material traceability called "OriginMark". The company is based out of Chantilly, Virginia.

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