Normal to cautious waste plastics demand in Germany in January

06.02.2019 − 

The waste plastics business in Germany was described as normal to modest in January. In some cases, exporters had to shell out slightly more for purchasing good-quality scrap film, partly because supply was weak. On the export market, India and – to some extent – Malaysia were named as sales markets for clean material, although only a few factories in Malaysia are still permitted to import waste plastics.

There was, however, barely any demand from export markets for lower-quality goods, big bags or special grades, and holders often have to pay to have this material taken off their hands. Some export traders no longer have list prices for certain grades; information is available only “on request”. “Respectable” volumes of PE film scrap continue to be processed into regranulate in Germany and Eastern Europe, and this processed material is then exported to China.

The full waste plastics market report for Germany including the price table appears today in issue 3/2019 of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management. Premium subscribers can read it online in the E-Paper and here: Waste plastics market report Germany

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