Ravago and Neste to advance chemical recycling

Ravago and Neste aim to bring the chemical recycling
rof plastic wastes to the commercial scale
13.11.2019 − 

The Belgian plastics distributor and recycler Ravago and the chemicals group Neste want to develop the chemical recycling of plastic waste on a large scale. The objective of the cooperation was to achieve capacity to process over 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year. 

“At Ravago, we carry the waste issue at heart. Our company has been mechanically recycling polymers for nearly 60 years, however chemical recycling should be part of a sustainable solution that our society requires today to address the growing need for valorising consumer waste. We want to give a definitive answer to plastic waste issue,” said Theo Roussis, CEO of Ravago.

Chemical recycling for coloured and mixed plastic wastes

Chemical recycling would enable the companies to make high-value raw materials for the production of new plastics, chemicals and fuels from coloured and mixed packaging wastes. Chemical recycling enabled waste plastic to be used as raw material even in the most sensitive applications, such as in primary food packaging as well as pharmaceutical and healthcare applications, explained Neste.

Neste announced a similar cooperation with the German waste management company Remondis in October. Together those companies are working to develop recycling capacity for more than 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year.

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