Lack of momentum on German waste plastics market

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04.06.2019 − 

Most recyclers say that they experienced normal demand for plastic recyclate in May. However, the momentum they had been hoping for seems to be absent in some segments. Slight price hikes for LDPE and HDPE regrind could only be implemented in certain cases. It was once again impossible to lift prices for LDPE regranulate, recyclers said. The upward momentum for mixed commercial film prices fizzled out in May. The export-driven uptrend seen in recent months for good-quality PE 98/2 mixed film came to an end. 

There is some criticism from the industry about the new rules for plastic waste exports effective from 2021, which were agreed by the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Basel Convention in May. FEAD, the federation of European waste management companies, fears that without stronger export inspections, illegal trade will increase. There was also a lack of clear definitions and thresholds for contamination in scrap plastics, it said.

The full report for the waste plastics market in Germany appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 12/2019, which will be published on 13 June. Our online subscribers can access the full report immediately here.



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