Worries about upcoming winter in German waste wood sector

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Waste wood both for recycling and energy recovery
stays in demand, while generation has declined
05.08.2021 − 

The springtime trend seen on the German waste wood market, including significantly tighter supplies compared to previous years, has continued in the summer. This is primarily true for southern Germany, but arisings in the western and eastern regions of the country are also "really too low" and "noticeably smaller" for this time of year.

Market experts in the south voice concerns about the supply situation for waste wood-fired biomass power plants, and there is already talk that delivery quotas may not be fulfilled in some cases. However, in other regions the situation is not as severe. For the most part – though exceptions prove the rule – there is agreement that the inventory levels across Germany are significantly lower than they were at the same point in previous years.

Arisings are not sufficient to build up inventories for winter

Since arisings nowadays are generally just sufficient to meet the current demand, with respondents commenting "whatever comes in goes right out again", the industry is somewhat concerned about the upcoming winter. This seasonal nervousness is coming a couple of months early this year, EUWID was told. In the south in particular, the situation was summed up as follows: "not enough wood and too much consumption". The amounts of waste wood are simply insufficient to build up winter stocks, processors as well as biomass power plant operators confirm. "We should be much further along by now", commented one larger market player, adding: "we are running out of time.” He said it would be a balancing act to "fill up the winter inventories without causing major upset on the market".

The full report on the waste wood market in Germany appears in the print and e-paper issues of EUWID Recycling & Waste Management (16/2021) published on 11 August. Online subscribers can access the report immediately here:

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