New European action plan for the circular economy

"The circular economy is key for developing
Europe’s future economic model."
17.07.2019 − 

The President-elect of the EU Commission wishes to continue the current Commission's circular economy policy. Ursula von der Leyen described the circular economy as "key for developing Europe’s future economic model" in the political guidelines she laid out for the next European Commission.

President-elect Von der Leyen also announced plans for a "New Circular Economy Action Plan" which would focus on the sustainable resource use, "especially in resource-intensive and high-impact sectors such as textiles and construction". These sectors have already been named by the current Commission as focus areas of future efforts to support the circular economy.

Ms Von der Leyen said she also wanted to see Europe lead the way on the issue of single use plastics. She announced her intention to "to open a new front in our fight against plastic waste by tackling micro-plastics."

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