Far East demand pushes PE film scrap prices higher

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05.02.2020 − 

January was a mixed month for Germany’s waste plastics business. Some prices for good-quality commercial film scrap increased again compared with December, primarily on the back of decent demand from the Far East.

Regranulate and regrind sales volumes within Germany remained low for the most part. Some recyclers had to trim their sales prices again amidst surplus supply and softer primary plastics prices. Inventory levels were high. This was also true for converters, who – like recyclers – often had not resumed operations until the second week of January.

Here and there, there were reports of recyclers receiving support from converters who bought large quantities of regrind from them at unchanged prices. Some recyclers had apparently also idled operations in January.

Corona virus, plastic bashing and bans on disposable plastic items in China could adversely impact the market

The situation might become even more acute because the plastics sector is facing a variety of hardships. Besides the general ”plastic bashing” and China’s decision to ban or limit the use of some single-use plastic products, the Coronavirus outbreak might also have a negative impact. Recyclers were facing a deep trough, market observers felt.

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The waste plastics market for Germany appears in EUWID Recycling & Waste Management 03/2020 out 5 February 2020.



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