Largely stable prices for waste plastics in Germany in March

04.04.2018 − 

March was a month of normal business for most plastics recyclers in Germany. Prices typically stayed the same as in February amidst decent demand for regranulate and regrind. Better-quality natural material became a little more expensive. Companies reprocessing PE film waste into regranulate told EUWID they would attempt to raise their sales prices in April. Hardly any changes have been made to prices in the PP and PS sectors in Germany. Scant supply of rigid PVC regrind paved the way for significant increases in the price of this grade, though.

Hopes that China might open the door to good-quality film scrap are dimming given the official announcements about secondary raw material imports coming from Beijing. Nonetheless, China continues to order LDPE regranulate, in particular, from Europe, although interest had now shifted to clear grades, according to recyclers.

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