Little change on the German market for PET deposit bottles in November

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04.12.2019 − 

Market conditions for PET recyclers in Germany again changed little in November. Prices for clear and coloured PET flakes were still under pressure. Demand from the film industry for flakes remained modest in view of inventories and inexpensive virgin material. In addition, some converters are likely to shut down for the holidays early in December and would therefore call off very little if any material to avoid starting the new year with excessively large stocks.

Recyclers who supply regranulate to preform manufacturers were relatively satisfied with sales. However, the current comparatively low prices for primary PET was also leading to frustration within the "bottle-to-bottle" recycling segment. Some market participants joked that given current market conditions they "should sell cheap primary resin as regranulate".

Most recyclers expected little to be pleased with in their situation at least for the next few months, especially as the supply of bottles declines going into the winter.

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