Lively export trade with Turkey and India sends
German steel scrap prices higher

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19.12.2019 − 

Nobody would have guessed that ferrous scrap prices in Germany would bounce back to near last summer’s levels as quickly as they have after the price collapse the market witnessed at the start of autumn. As in November, though, strong demand for scrap from export markets and continued material scarcity have pushed prices higher in December. German steel mills were forced to follow this trend and raised their purchasing prices. However, merchants note that the situation varies widely from one region to another. For instance, a few steelworks indicated that they did not need much scrap and left prices almost the same. 

Turkish buying was once again the biggest factor in the price increase. Market players report that Turkish steel mills are receiving many orders at the moment, mainly from abroad, from customers in Asia and Russia for instance, but also from domestic buyers. ”Turkey has not got together the scrap it needs for January yet and is on the hunt for material. This is driving prices higher,” one merchant remarked.

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