Waste insiders see commercial waste incineration
market in Germany "on the verge of collapse"

09.07.2019 − 

The prices for thermal recovery of commercial waste in Germany rose considerably in the first half of 2019. Waste management companies told EUWID that they had already been through several rounds of price increases this year. In southern Germany, in particular, the situation could be dramatic. In northern Germany, too, waste firms and Energy from waste (EfW) plant operators say there are bottlenecks. “The market is on the verge of collapse”, commented one plant operator from southern Germany.

The current market situation is due to the continued high capacity utilisation at EfW plants in Germany, all market participants were agreed. “There is simply too much waste on the market”, says one plant operator. Compared to a few years ago, wte plants are receiving more household and bulky waste from local-authority waste collections, which market participants attribute to the strong economy and the associated increase in consumer purchasing power.

Arisings of commercial waste also remain high throughout the country, say waste management companies. Although many economic indicators are pointing to a slowdown, this has not yet affected the waste management operators at the end of the value chain.

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