No signs of improvement for the German waste textiles market

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13.02.2020 − 

The new year started off just as badly for the waste textiles sector in Germany as 2019 had ended. Industry insiders seem agreed that there are no signs of impending improvement. There is still “more than enough original collected stock on the market,” although collection volumes have apparently subsided as is typical for the season. Where possible, sorters and collectors have taken this chance to bring their inventories back down to normal levels, especially as the months of high collection volumes are not that far away.

With more than enough original collected stock available, businesses are sticking to a strategy of accepting original stock only from regular customers and paying close attention to quality. Containers that were known to attract low-quality material had reportedly been removed. Companies were also generally only bidding in local authority tenders for areas that were “a good logistical fit” or that were already in their portfolio prior to retendering, according to one major collection firm.

The longstanding problems with collection logistics, especially the scarcity of drivers, appear to have “improved marginally”, at least in some regions.

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