Decent demand for German PET recyclate in December

Continued high bales prices have recyclers
predicting another difficult year.
12.01.2021 − 

The year 2020 ended on a relatively calm note for PET recyclers in Germany. As expected, arisings of waste bottles declined in December. Some plants took a longer break over the holidays, while others continued production with barely any interruption. Demand was decent, reported most market participants.

Yet this has not changed the difficult market situation for recyclers. Recyclers still complain that purchase prices for post-consumer bottles are far too high, while recyclate is under pressure due to inexpensive primary PET. Given the current price levels for flakes and regranulate, the differential between bale prices and the price of their products is still much too small, they say.

Recyclers reported an uptick in requests for recyclate from the films and fibres sectors in December. Converters were looking to secure larger vol-umes over a longer period of time, EUWID was told. Recyclers are now also noticing more inter-est from bottlers, who appear to have recognised that it will not be easy to find the volumes on the market that will be necessary to meet the mini-mum targets for recycled content in the coming years.

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Post-consumer PET bottles in Germany

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