Textiles recyclers unusually pessimistic in Germany

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18.12.2019 − 

There are absolutely no indications that Germany’s ailing waste textiles market will take a turn for the better. Market players are unusually pessimistic about the prospects for next year, and without exception described 2019 as “disastrous” or “worse than bad” or “terrible”. Even notorious optimists have now lost confidence.

Collection volumes remain high due to persistently high levels of textile consumption, and sales of sorted clothing remain challenging. Companies are thus going into next year with large inventories of both original collected stock and sorted clothing.  Storage levels were nearing the limits allowed under companies’ operating permits, meaning that several sorters are being forced to look for external storage options.

EUWID market sources said that some collections had been discontinued and some containers removed. Charitable organisations are also reviewing their collection activities. However, these steps were doing little to stem the flood of second-hand clothing since they only meant more was ending up in the remaining containers.

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